What is Mindsets?

Mindsets is an engaging group resiliency programme, especially developed for Year 11, 12 and 13 students to address the unique set of challenges they are facing at this time in their lives. Co-designed by students and developed using up to date psychological research models. The Mindsets programme has been honed for students of Aotearoa, incorporating aspects of Te Ao Māori into activities and processes. Mindsets provides students with tools to add to their kete of knowledge, to build confidence and resilience, enabling them to better manage stress now and in the future.

Who is Mindsets?

Mindsets was created by NZ health NGO, Connect Supporting Recovery, to address the rising levels of youth mental distress in Aotearoa. By providing early intervention we aim to avoid the number of young adults finding themselves in need of mental health support.

What's involved?

Our six week course is run by trained facilitators who are experts in youth wellbeing. The programme covers topics such as, psychological flexibility, self-acceptance, awareness of strengths and values, and self-empowerment. The content has been developed from evidenced based research into the drivers of resiliency, which include mindfulness, ACT, and positive psychology.
Ultimately, the programme is a fun, activity-based way for students to develop practical skills for managing stress, relationships, and life’s pressures and challenges. Results are both heartening and compelling - students of all genders, ethnicity, and social background are significantly benefiting from being better able to manage their thoughts, emotions and behaviours. 

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